Tariq Ramadan: As Muslims Condemn Spain Attack, Americans Must Denounce U.S. Killings in Syria, Iraq


From Democracy Now, August 24, 2017

Part I

For the last 15 years — it started in 2001 in the States — I have been asked, “oh, you have to condemn, you don’t condemn enough.” And so, look, when are you going to listen to the great majority of the scholars, the consensus among the Muslims that this is to be condemned by Muslims, and it’s not something that we are condoning and something that we can’t accept. So, the voices are not heard. And my point here is something which is connected to the story that you had before. The narrative that is imposed onto us is in the name of this war on terror, it’s, yes the violent extremists, the Muslims and the violent extremists are the problem, but Islam, per se, is a problem to the point, that when, for example, we go to Syria and we go to Iraq and we are targeting Daesh and say we are targeting the violent extremists and these people, at the same time, the innocent people within the city in Raqqa, for example, are not so much important because at the end of the day, they are also part of the big picture that we are making Islam is a problem and the civilian Muslims are the problem. I think that this is very, very dangerous. Because, the narrative that is behind the whole story that we have now in the Middle East as well as in the United States of America or in Europe today are very dangerous because it’s as if it normalize a way of treating people in a way which is discrimination, racist, and targeting, and stigmatizing a portion of the European citizens. Because, at the end of the day, Muslims are American citizens, European citizens, Western citizens.

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